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Retic Repairs Perth

Retic repairs Perth
" PPS offer a full irrigation & reticulation repair and installation service to domestic and residential properties covering all areas of Perth's northern suburbs - fast response!!"
Reticulation repairs and servicing Perth Joondalup
Reticulation repairs and servicing Perth Joondalup
Reticulation repairs and servicing Perth Joondalup
Reticulation repairs and servicing Perth
Retic Perth
Reticulation repairs and servicing Perth Joondalup

Reticulation repairs, installation and servicing

Looking for retic repairs in Perth? Purely Property Services own and operate a dedicated reticulation division completely focused on garden irrigation system installation, servicing and repairs. Purely Irrigation are one of Perth's leading retic repair companies, providing fast, friendly and efficient responses to retic breakdowns, repairs, emergency call outs, and installation requests.

Click here to visit our dedicated reticulation repair, servicing, and installation services website
Reticulation system repairs and servicing Perth. Sprinkler system upgrades, extensions, valve replacements. Controller replacement and rewires.
Reticulation system repairs and servicing Perth. Sprinkler system upgrades, extensions, valve replacements. Controller replacement and rewires.
Retic system repairs and servicing Perth. Sprinkler system upgrades, extensions, valve replacements. Controller replacement and rewires.
Reticulation system repairs and servicing Perth. Sprinkler system upgrades, extensions, valve replacements. Controller replacement and rewires.

Our reticulation technicians, are not only highly experienced in retic repairs, they are also trained and qualified in electrical and plumbing disciplines. Our retic repair team comprises of landscaping trained professionals, plumbers electricians, system designers and a retic maintenance team made up of several highly skilled and motivated reticulation repair technicians.


  • Retic system running below it's normal standard? We respond to a wide range of retic repair requests or enquiries regarding reticulation system performance, most of which can be diagnosed and fixed quickly, and without a major expense.

  • Unwanted water features and fountains popping up around your property? Reticulation leaks are often caused by broken retic sprinkler heads, or root damage caused to your irrigation pipe work, by bushes, trees, and plant roots. We have the equipment and the experience to quickly locate leaks within your retic system and resolve the issue efficiently and effectively.

  • Reduced pressure and blocked sprinkler heads? Blocked sprinkler heads are one of the main causes of patching within your lawn. Patches of Brown dead grass appear slowly over the first few months of spring and summer, then before you know it the law is half dead. In most cases blocked retic heads can be cleared out, or changed within a few minutes, and are a relatively small cost compared to lawn rejuvenation, or a relay of the lawn. Don't leave it until your lawn looks like hay. Call PPS today and get your reticulation system back up and running !

  • Solenoid valves not operating? At the heart of every irrigation system is the solenoid valve. This elusive piece of equipment normally lies in the ground, and would ideally be surrounded by a fit for purpose irrigation solenoid box. However they are prone to environmental factors like water ingress, root damage, traffic damage and general wear and tear. Purely Irrigation will locate and repair or replace your faulty reticulation solenoids in no time at all.

  • Controller no longer working? Purely Irrigation install dozens upon dozens of reticulation controllers over the summer months. Most retic controllers will last for many years without any problems, but occasionally they will go bad, and in most cases replacement is the cheapest and quickest form of action. We can fit you a 6 station Hunter X Core multi programmable controller from as little as $290 supplied and fitted for standard GPO powered controllers, or $330 for hardwired controllers. We don't think you will find a cheaper deal than that but if you do - contact us and we will happily try and beat any written quote.

  • System won't shut down? In most cases a system that won't shut down can be attributed to a faulty reticulation solenoid valve, or a faulty controller. Either way we will quickly locate and diagnose the problem before it starts costing you $$$ in lost water.

  • High water bills? You may have a leak in your retic system, or it could be your reticulation controller acting up, or it could just be a programming issue. If you have had a heavy water bill, and you feel it could be something to do with your reticulation system, contact us.

  • Maybe you just want to extend your current system to water new garden beds? reWe can extend your current reticulation system to accommodate new flower beds, new lawns, planters or any other landscaping you may have done. We can also relocate existing retic pipework to make way for new structures like walls, pools, paving etc. 

  • Or maybe you have tried other retic repair companies who have charged you for a service and didn't repair the fault? We have a very simple policy on this one - no fix - no fee!!



Purely Irrigation  are on hand to bring your reticulation system back to its best, and back to a fully serviceable condition. We will test and inspect your irrigation system and make recommendations for improvement if necessary. A properly serviced and setup reticulation system can be far more effective in hydrating the lawn and therefore doesn't need to run for as long using a considerable amount less water - saving you money.​

Our reticulation services include;

  • Reticulation system repairs in Perth

  • Sprinkler servicing

  • Irrigation system maintenance

  • Solenoid valve replacement

  • Upgrades and efficiency improvements.​

  • Reticulation testing

  • Retic extensions.

  • Solenoid repair

  • New retic controllers

  • Rewiring of reticulation system

  • Fault finding and solenoid valve locating

  • New reticulation installations

  • Retic controller replacement


Why choose us?

We are aware that there are many businesses offering 'reticulation services' in the areas around Perth. However we are finding more and more of our customers are coming to us after a bad experience with poorly trained or inexperienced reticulation workers. We have two dedicated irrigation technicians who both have strong backgrounds in electrical systems and commercial and residential watering systems. One of our guys is a qualified electrician with over 4 years experience installing and maintaining residential and commercial irrigation systems in Western Australia, and the other is a former plumber with strong experience in irrigation, as well as control and automation equipment. When you choose PPS to repair your reticulation system, you have the peace of mind that you are dealing with qualified and competent trades people, who care about the job they do. 



Don't wait until it's too late - consider having a health check done on your reticulation system, before summer really sets in and before the garden starts to die off.


Our health check service involves us visiting your property and conducting a comprehensive 10 point check on your reticulation system, and producing a no obligation report for your consideration.

  • We will test and inspect your irrigation system for watering efficiency.

  • We test your retic controller, replace the battery and check your watering settings.

  • We check the watering patterns to ensure you are not wasting money by watering your driveway or the road!

  • We will highlight any potential issues with the reticulation system and make recommendations for improvements.

  • We will make minor tweaks if required during the inspection but no work will be carried out without a quotation being raised and the go ahead authorised by you, keeping you in control.


This retic service is particularly valuable for homeowners, landlords and letting agencies, who are keen to maintain the standards of the grounds around their properties.


Once you have your reticulation assessment report you can decide how you would like to proceed. Some people decide to perform the retic repairs themselves, others may ask us to bring the system back up to its optimum standard, we are happy to help however you wish to proceed.


For a full breakdown of costs for irrigation servicing please see here


For more information on retic repairs in Perth -feel free to visit our dedicated Irrigation website contact us to discuss your reticulation requirements.


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