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Insect screen repairs and replacements

Fly screens looking tired, torn or split? We offer a fast and friendly fly screen rewiring service. ​

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Fly Screen Mesh Replacement

Keep those pesky insects out of your home this summer. Fly-screens don't last forever and are prone to damage from sun exposure, pets, and general degradation over time. We offer a complete fly screen re-meshing service throughout the northern suburbs of Perth, and at a very affordable rate!

We fit all types of flyscreen meshes to doors and windows including, polyethylene, aluminium and fibreglass.


Our flyscreen replacement service includes fitting new flyscreen mesh to;


  • Sliding retractable security door screens

  • Window flyscreens

  • Vents, bathroom window screens.

  • Patio door flyscreen doors.

  • Entrance security screen doors.


If your flyscreen frames are bent, broken , or missing, we can manufacture and install new ones for you at a very competitive price. We can match most colourbond colours, and custom build them to fit your windows perfectly.

Pricing is volume dependant.

All flyscreen replacements are done onsite at your home, so the more screens you have repaired the cheaper each one becomes.


As a guide, one single security screen door re-meshed with fibre-glass mesh would be $128+gst, two doors would be $112+gst each, three doors would be $95+gst each.


One single window fly-screen replacement with fibre-glass mesh would be $108.50+gst.

  • 2-4 screens $84.00+gst each

  • 5-9 screens $79.25+gst each

  • 10+ Screens $72.50+gst each


We can replace one or all of your fly-screens on doors and window screens, just Contact us today for a fast and competitive fly-screen repair quotation.


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